When it comes to Fledgling Heroes, you have to be smart in order to outsmart the Pirate
Lizards. The world is fraught with dangers, such as flying fish, stalagmites and other rocky
formations. You also have to be able to collect the golden feathers, whilst freeing your feathery
friends from cages.

I thought I'd heard of this game and I was right, Manticore is from the developers that made the Galaxy on Fire games on mobile. Now I never played these games although I do remember them looking stunning on the mobile hardware. So as I've not played these older titles I'll be treating this as a stand alone game as...

Pokemon Go


It would be unfair to call Pokemon Go anything less than a global phenomenon. Already amassing more users than both Tinder and Twitter despite only releasing globally in the past few weeks, Pokemon Go promises to be the greatest mobile game of all time thanks to its sense of adventure, progression and sense of togetherness. In a world filled with...



For the most part virtual buttons on touch screen devices just don't work. Yes there are some exceptions, with games designed from the ground up with a touch interface in mind. And although exceptional, these games are few and far between. However many experiences are ported over to a variety of devices, and so therefore are not always optimised...