2K Confirms Bioshock Movie on Netflix!


          Will This Be Another Netflix Hit?

By Brian Eckels

With the recent anime movies hitting Netflix, one has to wonder how will a video game movie fare in the world of Netflix? I for one don't see the number of subscriptions going up just for this movie, but within time, I could be proven wrong. Netflix has had a history of taking box office flops and streaming them on their service, resulting in more people watching and reviewing those older titles than when they first hit the box office. 

With gaming movies, however, one has to enter with low expectations. For example, Uncharted the movie has just hit box offices, and the reviews already are showing how bad the movie truly is. Then, we also have the Doom movies as well as the Mortal Kombat movies. Some movies are great, others end up as sleeper hits later on. 

Bioshock needs to be a certain way though, and we still don't have a clue on if it will be realistic, or cinegraphed animation. All that remains is to wait and see. We do know though, that to make a Bioshock movie, it would either have to be underwater locations, or above the sky, with that last Bioshock Infinite cringe title. 

My personal vote is to focus on the underwater aspects, as it also allows them to fluctuate between a horror and an action title. We do know though, that the next game is deep in development at 2K's Cloud Chamber studios. Also reported over at the The Hollywood Reporter there currently is no writer or director. Ken Levine, the writer and creative mind behind Bioshock is also not on board yet. However, the deal according to the reporter, is officially signed now onto Netflix studios. 

More on this as it becomes available. Are you excited to see a Bioshock movie? Maybe you're awaiting the new Mario movie coming as well to theaters later this year? Let's just hope that video game movies continue to improve like Detective Pikachu and Warcraft did for the game industry.