Battlezone : Gold Edition


This game was reviewed on Xbox One.

I know that we as a reviews website were late to the party with this whole VR thing, but now we have a PSVR headset and can get motion sickness by sitting still any time we want. Anyway best talk about the game, so Battlezone was one of the first games released for the PSVR launch a few years ago and it was a great game then so lets see what they have done with this updated gold edition.

So with this new release Rebellion has taken out the need for the VR headset so none VR gamers can play, so Xbox One, PS4, PC and soon even Nintendo Switch can join the fun. I will say even though the game plays really well with out the VR headset you are loosing so much of the immersion from the VR. This is basically the old Battlezone game released but with all the DLC included for free. Plus if you happen to already own the game its a free update to the Gold edition and that's a steal.

I will say that even now a few years on the game still looks fantastic, this is how all futuristic games that have that retro charm should be made. In that I mean while everything looks really nice and crisp, moves super smooth the whole world has that Tron look of low detail and neon colours, and that all adds up to make a very striking look and style. It might not have that wow factor of been an early VR game any more as sitting in a virtual cockpit and been able to look fully around just can't be replicated without the headset.

So when you start the game you have 3 types of tanks these been Heavy Tank, Medium Tank and you've already guessed a Light Tank but after completing missions you can unlock a total of 12. During the campaign you'll come across many different mission types, for example there's capture mode, where you have to get close to the enemies base and hack it before they do the same to you. Then there is the fight off all these tanks and get the the escape point. Plus more and some even mix and match so take out some tanks then destroy some shield generators before fighting off more tanks.

So the game starts off fairly easy but will level up as you do so after a few missions if you've not got high enough scores to upgrade the tanks then you will find it very hard going. Maybe an idea to pump up the difficulty on the early stages to get higher scores to be able to get better upgrades before the challenge really starts.

I'll be honest here as I have read that some reviewers say this game is best played online with a good team but I don't play online games so I couldn't try this out but I will say that even as a single player only game for the £29.99 this is an amazing package, and I for one couldn't really fault this game in any way.

David Cameron