I was provided a copy of this game by One Up Gaming team to review, and when I first installed it, the music of the game had me excited, as did the opening screen.Lately, I've been a retro gamer, and have focused on older games like Castlevania and Mario. But, how does Robbotto stack up against classic platformers?

The story here is that Robb and Otto are two maintenance robots travelling through a spaceship which has malfunctioned. Their mission is to shut down all the robots that have gone on a rampage. One assumes there is an actual story in the game. After 25 levels, and two boss fights thus far, I have seen zero trace of a story. But, does this ruin the fun? Not at all. In fact, this reminds me of the true gaming days, promoting friends coming over to each other's homes to play together.

While the music brings nostalgic feels to you, the player, the gameplay is difficult, especially if you are using the switch docked. If you normally keep both gamepads separately and do not connect them to the controller grip, then you're in for a frustrating ride. But, let's not score a review based merely on this issue.

What level of fun does this game bring? To me, even though I struggled over and over again to get past certain levels, it is a good time killer. It is also a fun game to take with you on the go, working your mind, It's a good way to keep your children occupied too , if they can understand how simple the gameplay truly is. Gameplay wise, you have 2 jump buttons, though they both jump at the same height, a button to fire an electric ball, and a button to hose them down when they are electrified. This results in a short circuited, dead robot.

The levels do add more challenges as you go along, and all the pixels are handcrafted, The soundtrack is also originally created and inspired by retro arcades. The most fun in this game is that it seems more meant to be played couch co-op with a friend. One plays Robb, the other Otto, and you can work together to defeat the 20 unique enemies. I personally enjoyed the game, and though i won't finish all 100 levels within a given time period, Seeing as how I am stuck on level 25. The levels get more frustrating as you get through more of them. The frustrating part is knowing that there are even more robots added. As I said, this type of thing will require a friend. Some of the robots run away when spotted, so it helps to have a friend coming from the opposite direction to spray them and then you electrocute them.

To be honest, this game can strengthen a relationship by both you and your lover working together to try to solve the puzzles. It promotes teamwork and I am glad to see another couch co-op game on the market.This reminds me so much of the old arcade classics. I could see myself standing there, inserting coin after coin to beat this game.

Thank you to the makers of this game, JMJ Interactive, for helping front the old school couch co-op revolution. With nearly all games going online, this is a call back to the true gaming days. I will give this game a 4 out of 5. The best part is, it's only a $10 game! It deserves appreciation.

Brian Eckels