Brigand: Nightmare


This game was reviewed on PC.

Reviewed by:  David Cameron

So we have the new DLC for Brigand, Nightmare and this is going to be a nightmare to review. I honestly just feel like I've spent a few days dipping into the brigand world and well this will be a very quick review. I'm not going to say the game is good just because of the single developer, but hold on grab some popcorn and prepare for this diabolical piece of DLC.

Lets start by going into a little detail of what Brigand actually is here. So what we have is a first person action RPG with the emphasis on the action. The other prominent part of the game is the hard as balls difficulty if you think the Souls style games are hard then give this a try.

Unfortunately the game looks like it was designed and made with a budget Unreal 1 engine, the backgrounds have some detail but the main just look like someone grabbed an early polygonal game world on the PSone and hoped no one would notice just how shocking this is. The enemies and some of the characters can look fine but again sometimes it looks like the cast of Virtua Fighter have escaped here.

We also have to mention the very back A.I in this game and the frame rate and just the amount of bugs in here is staggering to be honest. Nothing game breaking just so many little niggles help push all these to the front while playing.

So we come to the DLC Nightmare and yes its around £2 and what do you expect for this? Well for me I expected a playable game and man was I mistaken with that. It adds a few new textures for clothes and some of the enemies, adds a higher difficulty mode where if you get hungry you will slowly start to loose health.

But none of the core issues have been addressed here and everything just seems like the base game sold fine so to add a few little things, call this a DLC pack and charge money I feel this is asking too much here. Maybe this should have just been free downloadable content?

Reviewed by: David Cameron