Call of Duty WarZone Mobile


When it comes to mobile games, I have had gripes with some of them. I've also enjoyed a few of them, too. Most people think that free to play games are cash grabs or cash-ins for the bigger devs. While this may be the case for some, other games haven't really pushed the envelope when it comes to their games. The battle royale started with PUBG and then moved towards Fortnite. Now, Call of Duty has entered the fray.

Let's begin with our review of CoD Mobile, a game I am very much addicted to. I have always been a fan of Black Ops 2. While there is still a player base for that game, I hadn't really played it much considering one of our clan had passed away. His comedic skill had held us tightly together. So, in time, we drifted apart.

Coming back to Call of Duty after years of not playing, it seems like nothing has changed, aside from the jetpacks being gone, and the return to real life warfare. The mobile version can be quite frustrating at times, depending on your screen size. We played ours on an iPad Pro. We also tried the iPhone Se 2020, and let's just say either way, it's still fun.

The controls aren't as simple as it seems for the touchscreen. If you're not using a controller, you can set up the screen however you wish, but make sure to have a fire button established on it, or else you're dead in the water. Therefore, I chose to use a controller. On a controller, you have much better timing with guns and movement. What's more is they are adding more content, such as new game modes, and a rumored hardcore mode coming soon.

I have never had this much fun with a CoD game since the BO2 days, and that is why I'm giving this game a 5/5. Nice job Activision. Now if only you'll stop showing me ads for all the new characters every time I log in.

Now, onto Warzone. Warzone is quite different than a typical Call of Duty. In order to get the best weapons, you must hunt for them. You don't get to choose maps, as the map is one huge map itself. You begin by parachuting from a plane, with the options to land where you feel like landing. The whole map is crowded with enemy players, and your objective is to be the last team standing as the bombs go off and the toxic gas slowly moves. There is a catch though, as the toxic cloud can sometimes move faster. Your objective is to get out of that cloud and stay in the circle.

There is also bunkers in the game that provide free cash and money. Cash is used to buy weapons from vender/stores, and then it's all out warfare. The one thing that makes this different than any other Call of Duty is armor. You can find and install armor plating to your gear, giving you a total of three armor pieces. This protects you from being killed right away.

We still have the sliding mechanism, but now, you can take your gun and mount it to a flat surface and camp out for a few. I will say that the toxic gases will prevent long term camping. But it is nice to still have the option to hold your gun on a flat surface, fire a few rounds off, and then move.

The game doesn't force you to buy anything in order to enjoy the full aspects of itself. It also doesn't have ads playing like Mobile. However, most of the characters are locked unless unlocked or paid to win. You will be doing a lot of griding in order to survive the long-term game.

I give this game a 5/5 a well. It's fresh, and enjoyable if you end up with a squad of 4. The other choices are squads of 3 and 2. For more hardcore fans, there's also free for all.

Brian Eckels