PLATFORM: Playstation 5

OCG: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! I am thee Obsessive Compulsive Gamer joined

once again by my faithful manservant/factotum Bertrum. Say hello, Bertrum

Bertrum: Hello, Bertrum!

OCG: And this is my review for COGEN: SWORD OF REWIND


OCG: So, COGEN: SWORD OF REWIND released today for all the lovely games consoles

including the playstation 4, 5 and the Nintendo Switch. So what the Hell is COGEN:

SWORD OF REWIND? I am so glad you asked, dear viewer

Bertrum: OCG, there's a weird noise coming from the toilet

OCG: We've been over this before, Bertrum. When the excrement leaves your body sometimes

it can cause a splash in the toilet water. This depends on the size of said excrement, of course

Bertrum: No. Not that. It sounded like a woman shouting "Help me"

OCG: Maybe the toilet is haunted?

Bertrum: Don't say that

OCG: Keep quiet, Bertrum. I am trying to record a review here. So, what the Hell is...

Bertrum: You already said that bit

OCG: Shut up, Bertrum. So, story. The story for COGEN is a lot of nonsense about a talking

sword, a ruined city and a lead character with amnesia. Why do so many video games have a

lead character with amnesia? Well?

Bertrum: Oh, I'm sorry I didn't realize you were talking to me

OCG: I'm not talking to you, Bertrum. I'm talking to this brick wall

Bertrum: Oh

OCG: Speak, brick wall! Speak! He's not very talkative today

Bertrum: Do you often have conversations with the brick wall?

OCG: Oh yes! We talk about everything from quantum physics to the latest episode of SOUTH


Bertrum: Wow! Excuse me a moment. Hello, Dr Baxter. Bertrum here. I think OCG has lost it.

He's talking to a brick wall

OCG: Who are you talking to, Bertrum?

Bertrum: Ummm...The toaster?

OCG: Tell that bastard he owes me money

Bertrum: Will do! Please come quickly, doctor

OCG: So, gameplay. COGEN: SWORD OF REWIND is a side scrolling 2D action platformer

in the vein of games like AZURE STRIKER GUNVOLT except in this game you die in one


Bertrum: Oh my!

OCG: Thankfully like PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME if you get hit by an enemy

you can just rewind time to undo that little mistake. Unlike THE SANDS OF TIME this game

is harder than Robocop getting a lapdance from the bloody Terminator

Bertrum: You don't do well with hard games

OCG: Whatever gave you that impression?

Bertrum: The fact that before you started this game you owned 6 playstation 5 controllers, all

of the windows in your gaming room had actual windows and you had a full head of hair,

OCG. Now there are 3 controllers in bits, 2 that have been set on fire and 1 that has been

forcibly rammed up my backside

OCG: I did warn you about giving me advice during the boss fights

Bertrum: Also every window in the gaming room has been smashed and you now look like you

are cosplaying as Professor X

OCG: It'll grow back

Bertrum: True. But the windows will not

OCG: It was too hot in here anyway. Speaking of the difficulty. There was more than one boss

that took me over 10 tries to kill. I haven't come up against something that resilient since my

third wife

Bertrum: She was hard to kill?

OCG: Bloody impossible. I eventually gave up and flushed her down the toilet

Bertrum: That's what that noise is!

OCG: Yes. She must be lodged in a pipe

Bertrum: Why did you want to kill her in the first place?

OCG: She stole the last wagon wheel

Bertrum: Isn't that a little extreme?

OCG: You know how much I love wagon wheels

Bertrum: True. True

OCG: So, what did I think of COGEN: SWORD OF REWIND? I am so glad you asked, dear


Bertrum: I didn't hear anything

OCG: Shut up, Bertrum! The best way I can describe this game is to say it's fun, frantic and

frustrating so it's akin to making love to an epileptic as they're suffering a fit. If you enjoy the

AZURE STRIKER games then I'm sure you'll enjoy this. Therefore I am going to give

COPEN: SWORD OF REWIND a 4 out of 5!


Bertrum: Well if you'll excuse me I'm off to the hospital to get this playstation 5 controller


OCG: Can you pick me up a subway on your way home? Bertrum? Bertrum? Why, hello doctor.

To what do I owe the pleasure? And why the Hell are you holding a strait jacket?

The Obsessive Compulsive Gamer

(Gamer, Artist, Lunatic)