Crossfire X


This game was reviewed on Xbox Series X.

Reviewed by: Gareth Nelson

Well, what can you say. After so much positive steps being taken on game pass and almost unstoppable momentum this release I can honestly say has been a complete disaster. I have been told by the sage wisdom on social media that I am just being negative because this isn't a AAA title and we expect too much. I was looking forward to this for the major Xbox game for February, I really was and had high hopes with the trailer that was released back at E3 2019. But in hindsight, there were red flags; no press reviews, hardly any gameplay and a convoluted splitting of campaign and multiplayer that needed its own walk-through to find and install. Then the campaign wasn't accessible when it was supposed to be, then there was constant bugs and crashes. Even the cloud gaming servers freeze and don't respond. This was not acceptable finished game in any shape or form.

Story and Characters

For those readers who are not aware; the main components of Crossfire X are a free multiplayer, a paid for first campaign and a Game Pass accessible second campaign. I must be honest with everyone when I say I haven't played the campaign simply because when I had it installed via Game Pass I couldn't play it due to...reasons. Then after I got fed up and uninstalled it was now available and I tried to give "the biggest shooting franchise in Asia" another chance through cloud gaming and I cant even get past the menu screen. I am rarely a third chance kind of man so unless something spectacular happens then nothing will change from my side. 


When I did manage to get into some gameplay, it was the multiplayer that has been developed by Smilegate (rather than Remedy who handled the campaign) and they should be ashamed. When compared to Doom and Halo that run so smoothly and there is impact behind every shot with flowing movement that almost feels graceful there is nothing of the sort here. I have had more fun at the dentist- this feels like an extraction. The maps are boring and uninspired with drab colours. Every player gets one shot killed so you end up climbing over mountains of sad and drab mayhem. Other players look to be equally frustrated as there is little cooperation in team matches and everyone rums round like Rambo who has morphed into a headless chicken. Trying to aim is like trying to hold a sledgehammer in front of you.

Length and replay

I can only speak from my own experience and this has been one of the quickest installs to uninstalls I have ever performed in my entire gaming existence. Maybe I had a combined total play of an hour before I couldn't take any more.

I can only suggest to anyone who wants to try this game to brace yourself. I have seen some try and defend Crossfire X by saying its a throw back to Xbox 360 shooters. As this obviously hasn't been intentional we are looking at comparisons to the movie the Room where something has gone really wrong somewhere. When we have a developer apology a few days after release we really have to take stock of quality control. This was a flop of the highest variety into a crowded marketplace and Microsoft need to watch out in future. 


Its fun shooting things I guess.

Remedy charm.


Camera and controls are jerky.

Game engine is archaic.

Feelings of dishonesty from the developing team- the game wasn't ready for release.

Many better shooters on platform. 

Reviewed by: Gareth Nelson