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OCG: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! I am thee Obsessive Compulsive Gamer joined

once again by my faithful manservant/factotum Bertrum. Say hello, Bertrum

Bertrum: Hello, Bertrum!

OCG: And this is my review for DARK NIGHTS WITH POE AND MUNRO

DARK NIGHTS WITH POE & MUNRO released at some point in the distant past and is the latest in a long line of FMV games from D'Avekki studios

Bertrum: What does FMV stand for?

OCG: Excellent question, my small minded manservant. FMV stands for...FMV stands for "false...Fraud...Friendly movie...Mouse...Shut up Bertrum!

My introduction to the characters of Poe and Munro was in the 2018 FMV game, THE SHAPESHIFTING DETECTIVE. As you may re-call from my review I said that Poe and Munro were my favorite characters from that game. And if you do not re-call my review then I advise you go and watch it right now. Right away. Right this second. Right this instant. Right this moment

Bertrum: I think they get the point

OCG: ...Right this microsecond. Right this nanosecond. I'm sorry, Bertrum did you say something?

Bertrum: I said...

OCG: Thank you, Bertrum. I don't care. Moving on...

So, dear viewer you can imagine how excited I was to discover that Poe and Munro were getting their own game but what exactly is DARK NIGHTS? I am so glad you asked, dear viewer. DARK NIGHTS WITH POE AND MUNRO is split into six episodes or six pieces, if you will, so rather like a television show...Or a magician's assistant

The first episode is all about a psychotic fan. I've had my share of psychotic fans in my brief time on youtube. Just last week I found a naked woman in my bed...So I told my wife that if she ever does that again I'll be forced to have her arrested for indecent exposure. I sound cruel but you have not seen my wife naked. Staring at the inside if a dirty toilet would be more appealing

Each episode has multiple choices that can lead to multiple endings so plenty of re-play value, but even then the game will only take you a few hours to finish but for £9.99 so like a prostitute with two vaginas that is value for money. You can't even go to the cinema for £9.99 in this day and age. I remember days of old when £1.50 would get you to the cinema, buy your refreshments and still have enough left over to throw into a homeless man's cup (before stealing said cup) Damn you capitalism! Damn you to Hell!

Other episodes will see our intrepid radio hosts dealing with ghosts, a hostage situation, time travel and even a very interesting episode that fans of a certain previous game from D'Avekki will enjoy very muchly

Bertrum: Muchly?

OCG: Shut up, Bertrum!

All of the six episodes are very entertaining, well written etc but for me the main draw of this game is the characters themselves. Poe and Munro are the kind of chaps I would be friends with in real life: Articulate, funny, eccentric, a passion for the strange and un-usual and not common in the slightest. The interactions between our two lead characters are often funny, often sweet but always charming. I haven't smiled this much since I accidentally sat on Will Smiths lap at the Oscars in 2017. The fact I was naked might have raised a few eyebrows but apart from that...

As a fellow thespian I would be a fool not to give a big shout out to Leah Cunard and Klemens Koehring as Poe and Munro. Their performances are what truly make this game as good as it is

What else can I tell you? Oh yes! This game also features the beautiful Aislinn de'ath reprising her role of Violet from THE SHAPESHIFTING DETECTIVE and Aislinn, if you are watching this I still haven't heard back from you regarding my wedding proposal. I told you it won't be difficult to dispose of my wife. We just need a very large crane to lift her out of...

Bertrum: Were still recording

OCG: Bugger. Moving on...

So do I reccomend this game? I certainly do especially if you enjoyed D'Avekkis previous games THE SHAPESHIFTING DETECTIVE or THE INFECTIOUS MADNESS OF DOCTOR DEKKER

Therefore I am going to give DARK NIGHTS WITH POE AND MUNRO 4 out of 5!

Now if you'll excuse me, dear viewer. I am off to watch the scene involving Munro stripping Violet twenty times in a row

Bertrum: Don't they just strip the bed?

OCG: Shut up, Bertrum!

Reviewed by: The Obsessive Compulsive Gamer

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