Dying Light





OCG: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls...

I am thee Obsessive Compulsive Gamer joined once again by my faithful manservant/factotum Bertrum. Say hello, Bertrum

Bertrum: Hello, Bertrum!

OCG: And this is my review for the DYING LIGHT 2 PREQUEL

Bertrum: Oh, I see what you did there. Very clever, OCG

OCG: Aren't I? Haha

So, the DYING LIGHT 2 PREQUEL released in 2015. A year I remember fondly as the year I walked in on a vampire and a zombie "having relations" 

Bertrum: They were eating someone's relations?

OCG: No. They were eating out each other

Bertrum: Oh my!

OCG: So what the Hell is the DYING LIGHT 2 PREQUEL? I am so glad you asked, dear viewer

Bertrum: I didn't hear anything

OCG: Shut up, Bertrum! The DYING LIGHT 2 PREQUEL is rather like DEAD ISLAND but with parkour and less "who do you voodoo, bitch?"

Bertrum: "Who do you voodoo, bitch?"

OCG: "Who do you voodoo, bitch?"

So, story. We play as a...I want to say soldier? Secret agent? Mole?

Bertrum: Awww I love moles

OCG: Not THAT kind of mole, Bertrum

Bertrum: Awww

OCG: Anyway, our character is dropped into the city of Harran to...I want to say retrieve a document? Save the world? Retrieve a document that will save the world? Anyway, there's zombies and a villain we have to take down. And this villain is a dictator? Or is he just a dick? Or a dictator with a dick? Who cares. He's the villain. We're the good guy. Lights, camera, action

Bertrum: Should I take my clothes off?

OCG: What?

Bertrum: The last time you said lights, camera, action was that time you wanted to film me naked while I was...

OCG: Shut up, Bertrum! That reminds me I still need to upload that video to pornhub.com. I am going to be rich! Moving on...

So, gameplay. This is very similar to something like FAR CRY. There's climbing radio towers, different factions, crafting and a villain that's more hammy than Porky Pig on a spit roast. Did you know, Bertrum that I was spit roasted once

Bertrum: Really?

OCG: Oh, yes. Back in my University days. Good times

Bertrum: How kinky

OCG: Kinky? Oh...No. It wasn't THAT kind of spit roast. Myself and a few of my fellow students were on an expidition in the jungles of Peru when we were suddenly kidnapped and almost roasted alive by a group of natives. That's were the spit roast came into play

Bertrum: Ah. However did you escape?

OCG: Ha! Escape is my middle name, Bertrum

Bertrum: I thought your middle name was Buttercup?

OCG: Touche. Basically we were rescued by someone with a whip

Bertrum: Indiana Jones?

OCG: No. A dominatrix, I think

Bertrum: Oh

OCG: So, what do I think of the DYING LIGHT 2 PREQUEL? I am so glad you asked, dear viewer

Bertrum: I didn't hear anything

OCG: Shut up, Bertrum. The DYING LIGHT 2 PREQUEL is lots of zombie slaying fun. I do think it's a little TOO similar to something like DEAD ISLAND especially the wonky melee combat but the parkour is fun. Infact I may take up parkour in real life

Bertrum: Really?

OCG: No. Not really. Therefore I am going to give the DYING LIGHT 2 PREQUEL 3 out of 5