Fledgling Heroes


When it comes to Fledgling Heroes, you have to be smart in order to outsmart the Pirate
Lizards. The world is fraught with dangers, such as flying fish, stalagmites and other rocky
formations. You also have to be able to collect the golden feathers, whilst freeing your feathery
friends from cages.

The gameplay of this game is quite amazing. It's a fun side scrolling tap game. You tap on the
buttons or screen in order to move your parrot or penguin up or down. As your character begins
to fall downward, you tap more to move them higher or lower. If you want them to go lower, you
don't touch the button or screen. You also have goals in each level to collect coins.

The premise of the game is fun. There are hours of replay within Fledgling Heroes, as you may
have to attempt each level more than once. This is due to each level's difficulty, as some are
more difficult than others.

There are also Unlimited levels where you can keep flying or swimming until you reach the
score needed to claim your last golden feather. How many secrets can you find within those
levels? Who doesn't love a good challenge, especially during this quarantine season.

That's why there is also a new level creator. But, in order to create Mario Maker style levels ( as
in extreme difficulty), you need to go through levels and collect blueprints which unlock certain
aspects. The level creator is not as simple as it seems, either. Some rocks and formations don't
look right floating in the air, and it's not simple figuring out the checkpoint or final flag set up

As mentioned with characters, there is a parrot for flying, a penguin for water levels and ice, and
various other birds to play as. I'm only in the mere beginning stages still. I've been having fun
with Animal Crossing and my business, which has kept me away. But, when I do play with the
game, I truly love playing as the penguin. The penguin has some seriously fun levels to play.
They remind me a lot of the underwater levels from Mario on the NES, with the Octopus going
up and down and the fish (let's not talk about those).

One other fun aspect of the game is the ability to change your bird's color schemes so that adds
quite a bit of customization to the game. The main premise is to measure up to your mentor
bird, so you can create your own bird and have the bird represent you.

All in all, this is another addicting game to add to my collection. For those who can't afford it on
Switch ( or don't have one yet- why not?), it's also available on the Apple arcade. This game
will provide hours of enjoyment through it's 90 plus levels and counting. All I ask is please be
nice when creating levels. Do not make them hard enough that no one can finish your level!

I give this game a 5/5! Subtle Boom has my vote should they come out with another game like
this or any other game in the future!

Brian Eckels