Gravity Runner


This game was reviewed on PC.

Here we have an endless runner style game but an awesome looking retro inspired 3D platform game. The aim is very simple and that's just run through the level for as long as you can, moving from floating platform to floating platform avoiding falling spheres and cubes that get in the way of your character movements.

You need to keep moving as there is a black hole that is intent is swallowing you up whole. You just run and jump through a floating neon assault cause, dropping into a vortex that's your safety net. That's as complicated as it gets the game lets you put all your concentration into the gameplay.

The game has that stereotypical 80's style but only the style if someone that hadn't seen the 80's and only told about it. Let your eyes adjust to the bright neon lights and that endless horizon, everything is simple but clean and looks good. Special mention has to go to the rotational flip as the whole level flips over and you play on the underneath of the platforms.

So the Astronaut has nice fast fluid movement but the jumps seem a little too floaty for my liking but after a while you do get used to this. You also need to collect VHS tapes and this is not to look cool but also activates a temporary double jump. This is an amazingly helpful tool to have as with the floaty jump sometimes it just goes a little wrong but with the double jump you can quickly set things right again.

So the game looks nice but is very much an indie title and with this the animation is a little strange at times the levels and background are a little basic but the core gameplay is fun and that is the main thing here as this isn't a big budget blockbuster so we can let a few design choices slide here as this was never going to be anything other than a distraction.

David Cameron