Legend of Keepers: Review


This game was reviewed on the Xbox Series X.

Reviewed by: David Cameron

Legend of Keepers is a captivating dungeon management and tactical RPG game that offers a unique twist on the traditional hero-adventurer narrative. Developed by Goblinz Studio, this delightful gem introduces a refreshing blend of strategy, humor, and monstrous fun. Available on the Xbox Series X, it brings a rich gameplay experience that combines resource management, tactical combat, and monstrous mayhem. While not without its flaws, Legend of Keepers is a commendable addition to the genre, deserving of a solid 7/10 score.

Gameplay: 8/10 The gameplay mechanics of Legend of Keepers provide a refreshing change of pace from traditional dungeon-crawling adventures. Instead of playing as the heroes, you take on the role of the dungeon's overseer, commanding a horde of monsters and setting up deadly traps to repel adventurers. The strategic element of the game shines through as you must make difficult choices when managing your resources, deciding which rooms to upgrade, and determining the most effective ways to thwart your opponents.

The tactical combat encounters in Legend of Keepers are the heart and soul of the game. With a wide range of monsters at your disposal, each with unique abilities and skills, battles become engaging and challenging. The combat system is turn-based, requiring careful planning and consideration of your enemies' strengths and weaknesses. Experimenting with different monster combinations adds depth to the battles, keeping the gameplay fresh and enjoyable throughout.

Presentation: 7/10 The visual presentation of Legend of Keepers is charming and distinct. The pixel art style lends a nostalgic touch, while the vibrant colors and detailed sprites bring the game world to life. The animations are smooth and well-executed, and the various monster designs are imaginative and visually appealing. The only minor gripe is that the game could benefit from more diverse environments to enhance the overall visual variety.

The sound design complements the game's atmosphere perfectly. From the thrilling battle music to the menacing growls of your monstrous minions, each audio element adds to the immersive experience. The sound effects are crisp and satisfying, contributing to the sense of impact during combat encounters.

Content and Replayability: 7/10 Legend of Keepers boasts an impressive amount of content. With multiple dungeons to conquer, a variety of monsters to unlock, and numerous abilities and upgrades to obtain, the game offers a significant amount of gameplay hours. The progression system provides a sense of accomplishment as you grow in power and unlock new features.

Replayability is moderately high, as each run offers different challenges and encounters. The branching paths and choices during dungeon runs add a layer of unpredictability, encouraging players to experiment with various strategies and monster combinations. However, additional game modes or a more extensive endgame content could have further enhanced the replay value.

Story and Narrative: 6/10 While the gameplay mechanics are the main focus of Legend of Keepers, the game attempts to weave a humorous narrative throughout the dungeons. The story takes a backseat, serving as a backdrop to the gameplay rather than a central driving force. While the quirky dialogue and occasional humorous encounters add charm, the narrative lacks depth and may not resonate with players seeking a more story-driven experience.

Conclusion: Legend of Keepers delivers an engaging and unique experience within the dungeon management and tactical RPG genre. With its innovative twist on the traditional hero's journey, challenging combat encounters, and strategic decision-making, the game succeeds in keeping players entertained. While it has its shortcomings in terms of narrative depth and visual variety, the gameplay mechanics, presentation, and replayability make it a solid choice for fans of the genre.

Final Score: 7/10

Reviewed by: David Cameron