Celebrating QubicGames' 20th Anniversary: A Look at Key Releases and Their Impact


Written by: David Cameron

As QubicGames marks its 20th anniversary, it's a perfect time to reflect on the incredible journey of this indie game developer and publisher. Known for its diverse and entertaining portfolio, QubicGames has consistently delivered engaging games across various platforms. In celebration of this milestone, the company has released 20 new games, many of which embrace a simple, mobile-style aesthetic. Despite their simplicity, these games are notable for their polished gameplay and appealing visuals. In this feature, we'll highlight some standout titles from this anniversary collection, including Bucket Crusher, Amaze!, Infantry Attack, Sausage Wars, Golf Guys, and The Nom, while also appreciating the broader impact of QubicGames' contributions to the gaming industry.

Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher is a delightful game that epitomizes QubicGames' knack for creating addictive, easy-to-play titles. The premise is straightforward: you control a bucket with a goal to crush and collect as many objects as possible. The game's appeal lies in its simple mechanics combined with satisfying visual and auditory feedback. Each crush and collect is accompanied by vibrant animations and gratifying sound effects, making the gameplay loop irresistibly engaging. Despite its minimalistic design, Bucket Crusher demonstrates QubicGames' ability to craft compelling experiences that captivate players of all ages.


Amaze! takes the classic maze puzzle genre and injects it with a fresh, modern twist. Players are tasked with navigating colourful mazes, and painting paths as they go. The game's simplicity is its strength, offering intuitive controls and progressively challenging levels that keep players hooked. The vibrant colour palette and clean, minimalist design contribute to a visually pleasing experience. Amaze! stands out as a testament to QubicGames' skill in transforming simple concepts into addictive gameplay.

Infantry Attack

In Infantry Attack, QubicGames delves into the realm of strategic action. This game places players in command of an infantry unit, with the objective of overcoming enemy forces through tactical maneuvers and strategic planning. The game's 3rd person/1st person perspective and intuitive controls make it accessible, while the strategic depth ensures it remains engaging over extended play sessions. The visual style is reminiscent of classic military strategy games but updated with modern graphics and fluid animations. Infantry Attack showcases QubicGames' versatility and their ability to create immersive, strategic experiences.

Sausage Wars

Sausage Wars brings a quirky and humorous twist to the battle royale genre. Players control sausage characters in a free-for-all melee, where the last sausage standing wins. The game's charm lies in its ridiculous premise, playful animations, and light-hearted combat mechanics. The vibrant and cartoonish art style adds to the fun, making each battle a delightful spectacle. Sausage Wars exemplifies QubicGames' talent for infusing humour and creativity into their games, resulting in an experience that's both entertaining and unique.

Golf Guys

Golf Guys is a refreshing take on the sports genre, blending traditional golf mechanics with wacky, unpredictable elements. The game features various courses filled with obstacles and challenges that defy the conventional rules of golf. Players can enjoy both single-player and multiplayer modes, competing against friends or striving to beat their own records. The game's playful graphics and engaging physics make each round of golf a fun and unpredictable adventure. Golf Guys highlights QubicGames' ability to innovate within established genres, creating fresh and enjoyable experiences.

The Nom

Rounding out our highlights is The Nom, a game that combines platforming and puzzle-solving with a charming narrative. Players guide a lovable creature, The Nom, through various levels filled with obstacles and enemies. The game's standout feature is its clever level design, which requires players to think creatively and use The Nom's abilities to progress. The whimsical art style and endearing character design make for a visually and emotionally engaging experience. The Nom is a perfect example of QubicGames' storytelling prowess and their commitment to creating games that resonate with players.

A Broader Look at the Anniversary Collection

QubicGames' 20th-anniversary collection is a celebration of their dedication to delivering high-quality, enjoyable games. Most of the 20 titles released for this milestone embrace a simple, mobile-style design, focusing on accessible gameplay and polished visuals. This approach not only broadens their audience but also ensures that each game is easy to pick up and play, providing immediate enjoyment.

Despite their simplicity, these games are meticulously crafted, with attention to detail evident in their smooth mechanics and appealing aesthetics. Whether it's the addictive gameplay of Bucket Crusher, the strategic depth of Infantry Attack, or the humorous battles in Sausage Wars, each game offers something unique, showcasing the diverse talents of the QubicGames team.

Impact on the Gaming Industry

Over the past two decades, QubicGames has carved out a niche for itself in the gaming industry, consistently delivering fun and engaging games across various genres. Their ability to blend simplicity with quality has earned them a loyal following and critical acclaim. By focusing on accessible yet polished gameplay, QubicGames has made a significant impact, proving that indie developers can create experiences that rival those of larger studios.

Their 20th-anniversary collection is not just a celebration of their past achievements but also a testament to their ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence. Each game in the collection reflects QubicGames' core values: creativity, quality, and a passion for gaming.


As QubicGames celebrates its 20th anniversary, it's clear that a series of successful and innovative games have marked their journey. The anniversary collection, featuring titles like Bucket Crusher, Amaze!, Infantry Attack, Sausage Wars, Golf Guys, and The Nom, highlights their ability to create engaging and visually appealing games that resonate with players of all ages. While most of these games embrace a simple, mobile-style aesthetic, they are far from simplistic, offering polished gameplay and memorable experiences. Here's to QubicGames' continued success and many more years of fantastic gaming adventures!

Written by: David Cameron