Sisters Royale

Well, where to start with this one? I do love a good bullet hell game, but this one sure takes the biscuit. With its total and somewhat, crazy story, what could be said to give it justice? What we basically have is a tale of five sisters that have unique powers. Together they could help save the world, but as is always the case, they can't stand each other and refuse to work as a team.

Out of nowhere they do join up, but this isn't to help save the world.Nope. This time it's because they have all fallen in LOVE with the SAME man! So, they all decide to fight each other, and the winner will have the chance to win the heart of Yashin.

Speaking of story, the cut scenes are just off the wall crazy but in a silly way, fun to see what's going to happen next. I do love some Japanese games as they go off the deep end, but that can affect the basic sales as so very hard to market something as crazy as the Sisters Royale. Once you get past the narrative you have a very cute, vibrant, and smooth bullet hell game. Here, I feel is the games strongest point, the colours are so bright and vibrant, the characters are all your typical Japanese cute girls all dressed in different colours. That to me should make any anime, J-fan, or bullet hell gamer happy.

The game runs fast and very smooth and this is a must in a bullet hell game collection. Any deaths happen because you didn't move the character in time. It's not because the game stuttered and you die with no fault of your own but the game itself. So, the game itself is not the biggest game ever with only five characters and five stages, but the meat of the game comes with trying to chain high scores and using the characters unique abilities and special weapons through the game.

Special mention must go to a simple fact that although this is a bullet hell game unlike so many other vertical shooters in this game you are not in ships or on dragons you are on foot. So, what the developers Alfa System has done is on the levels themselves they have added ice on the floor and when you walk over these sections it completely changes how the characters move and slip and slide which adds to the difficulty of the game. In the end, it reminds one of the classic Rocky and Pocky series, but so much more.

Neon bullets flying all over the screen in a kaleidoscopic effect, patterns going all over the screen as you try and dance through each stage racking up as high score as possible...movement is face and precise. This is what describes a great bullet hell game. And hell it is. You choose your character and get as high score as possible, with each of the sisters moves being slightly differently and different weapons. You'll definitely spend a lot of time trying to find the sisters play style that matches your own.

In the end, I am very glad that this has come over from Japan. There are many more bullet hell games over there, but not many come over and get a full release. Amazingly, this is not just a digital download but also a physical release so all you collectors out there here we have something different in the European market. The game releases today, the 31st on Nintendo Switch and PS4. Colector's Editons are also available. Pick this up for sure.

David Cameron