Song of Horror


This game was reviewed on Xbox One.

Horror! who doesn't like a good dark bloody scary horror movie and game for that matter. What we have here is a fairly low budget attempt at making a horror game in the style of the original Resident Evil trilogy of games. So we take control of a former alcoholic attempting to escape the financial that was a result of the bottle. He accepts an out of hours job to visit the new big writer on the books for the company. When you get to the house you find its a never visit on your own old run down style of house but as in all good horror movies you just go through the still open door. When looking through the old house you can hear a music box playing in the background and after looking room to room you find a door and when you go inside the door closes shut and then the opening of the door fades away and you are captured by something mysterious. 

This is another area where the game tries to mix things up and you go to a character select screen and here there are a handful of characters all linked to the main character in some way and you select who you want then its time to get to the house and search for clues as to where Daniel has disappeared to?

I really enjoyed playing through the game looking for your friend and when one of these characters die you then have to start to investigation again with another character.

The character movement isn't the best and especially not great for a game in 2021, but again we have to give a little slack for the price of the game. I liked the graphics and they feel very dark and foreboding they have that wet feel to everything with the backgrounds just having a sheen to them looking wet and cold. The environments might look nice and detailed but unfortunately the game plays horror 101 here and all the cliché locations that you can think of are here but at least they look nice.

There are monsters to deal with but you don't really fight these per say but say a character goes to open a door a quick time event might start and if you don't get the timing right then the door will fly open and you are sucked through and will have to start with another character. The puzzles can be a little perplexing as they don't seem to link one to the other and just seem a little random at times.

The only real problem that I personally had with the game was that the playable characters just don't have as much detail and the animations are on the late 2000 side of things. But the story is very gripping and kept me glued to my seat wanting to see what happens and how next. So in the end its a very good looking game bar the animations and the story is excellent, and in horror the story is the main part to keep you gripped. 

David Cameron