Monster Energy Supercross : The Game 5


This game was reviewed on Xbox Series X.

Reviewed by: David Cameron

I have always enjoyed a good Supercross game and well Milestone are an amazing developer so this should be gold...... or at lease bronze? Well let's see what the Milestone have been doing with the Monster Energy Supercross 5 game. I mean how bad can this be?

Well I'm shocked at how little the games have changed and evolved over the years. If you had this and say Supercross 3 running in game I really don't think you could spot much if any of an improvement. The game looks the same and runs the same, the first difference is in how the game feels and this is such an improvement with the design of the game as I remember playing the last game in the series and no matter how many times I tried, no matter what the difficulty I played the game on I was last by each and every race and my friends let me tell you this really isn't fun. 

So let's go more into the graphics don't get me wrong the game looks ok but then again it looked ok two years ago and very little seems to have changed even though this is running on an Xbox Series X? The tracks look nice with detailed mud been flicked up as you power your way around the circuit. I remember starting the game and upon seeing the character in the create mode I was floored with how much this would look at home on say the 360. The character lacks any real detail and well it's just not very good and this is made for Series S/X. The fireworks look nice as they fire off around the tracks but then sometimes the light reflecting from the riders just looks wrong and makes the game just look like a budget PS2 style game. 

I really can't tell if the sound is any different to last years game but it fits with the style of game. The game modes again the list is identical to last years game with a good lengthy career mode, the standard online multiplayer, single races and a track creator that was come to think about it also in last years game. Oh boy this is really not coming together in this review. 

The only difference I can see in this game is and on the surface it doesn't sound game changing but the accessibility of the game has been tweaked and well the first race in I was 3rd and my god that just helps bring the game that enjoyment the series has missed for the last few years. The game has also made the bike handle better maybe not as realistic but more direct and just more on point, so the game plays better and with the difficulty been lowered this helps the game find its feet and just makes you enjoy playing in the mud.

So while Monster Energy Supercross 5 is a good racing game, I love that I can actually finish a race and challenge for the win. But to be honest with the game looking almost identical, I honestly feel that this should have been released as a £30 budget title and if you had last years game then a £20 download to update it to this. I mean I'm no developer and they might say hundreds of reasons why that couldn't have been possible. If you need a Supercross game in your life then just because of the rebalancing of the game then this is the one to get but just maybe wait for it to go on sale.

Reviewed by: David Cameron