This game was reviewed on PC.

Reviewed by:  David Cameron

TAXI SIMULATOR IN CITY, available on PC, promised to deliver an immersive and entertaining taxi-driving experience. As a gamer always on the lookout for diverse and engaging titles, I was eager to give this game a try. However, what followed was a disheartening journey through a virtual city plagued by abysmal graphics, relentless glitches, and physics that left me questioning the integrity of the final product. In this review, we'll delve into the myriad issues plaguing TAXI SIMULATOR IN CITY, warranting a low score of 2 out of 10.

Graphics and Visuals: TAXI SIMULATOR IN CITY's graphics are nothing short of underwhelming. From the moment the game begins, players are greeted with textures that pop in and out of existence, creating an infuriating visual experience. Buildings, cars, and pedestrians appear as if they're in a constant state of flux, robbing the game of any semblance of immersion.

The cityscape itself is devoid of life and character. The environments are bland and lack the depth and detail expected from a modern PC game. The lack of attention to graphical fidelity is astounding and does a disservice to the taxi-driving genre that has seen impressive offerings in the past.

Furthermore, glitches are a constant companion throughout the game. From vehicles mysteriously disappearing to pedestrians walking through walls, the graphical issues further exacerbate the game's visual shortcomings.

Gameplay and Mechanics: The core gameplay of TAXI SIMULATOR IN CITY fails to redeem the title. The driving mechanics are unresponsive and lack the realism expected from a taxi simulation game. Vehicles feel floaty and disconnected from the road, making even basic maneuvers a struggle.

The mission structure is repetitive and lacks creativity. Tasks involve picking up passengers, dropping them off at generic locations, and repeating the process ad nauseam. There's a distinct absence of depth or variety in the gameplay, leaving players with an unfulfilling and monotonous experience.

Physics: The physics in TAXI SIMULATOR IN CITY are some of the most abysmal I've encountered in a final game release, bordering on the absurd. Collisions with other vehicles or objects result in erratic and unpredictable behavior. Cars often defy the laws of physics, flipping and spinning with no rhyme or reason. These physics anomalies not only break immersion but also make the game borderline unplayable.

One of the most egregious issues is the inconsistency in vehicle behavior. While attempting to execute even the simplest of turns, your taxi can exhibit wild and unwarranted movements, further contributing to the sense of frustration.

Replayability and Content: TAXI SIMULATOR IN CITY offers very little in terms of replayability. The lackluster gameplay, graphical issues, and flawed physics make revisiting the game an exercise in frustration rather than enjoyment. There's no incentive to explore the game beyond the initial disappointment.

Conclusion: TAXI SIMULATOR IN CITY for PC is an unfortunate and bewildering experience that fails on multiple fronts. Its underwhelming graphics, incessant glitches, and abhorrent physics combine to create a game that is a far cry from what fans of the genre deserve. While the concept of a taxi simulator in a bustling city holds potential for fun and engaging gameplay, this title falls woefully short of delivering on that promise.

Overall Score: 2 out of 10

In summary, TAXI SIMULATOR IN CITY is an example of a game that should not have made it to the final release stage in its current state. It is riddled with technical and gameplay issues that overshadow any potential enjoyment. For those seeking a satisfying and immersive taxi-driving experience, this title is one to avoid at all costs.

Reviewed by: David Cameron

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