The PS5 Live!

Starting off, we have some footage from Grand Theft Auto V. Had us fooled though, as the intro looked like something out of Control. That was the intro to the entire PS5 live. It all started in 1994. The Playstation 1 had taken the world by storm. So, the footage we saw at the beginning was amazing. The game is supposedly expanded and remade for the next gen system. It comes in 2021. This basically assures us we have no GTV VI coming anytime soon. Sorry for all who got their hopes up. It's doubtful they will launch that within the next 4 years. Why would they after all? It's mostly GTA Online making them the most money, especially in the UK where Rockstar is based. I would keep the money flowing myself while still working longer on the next game. 

Another bonus is GTA V owners on PS4 get $1mil in free cash every month up until launch of the PS5 edition. This will make my experience a lot better now that I have more incoming money. There is no known date in 2021 for the launch, but until then, that's good enough for me.

The next game revealed was Spider-Man, but not the Peter Parker. Seems after this last game, complete with the DLC stories, Peter's days are finally over...for now. We now present MILES. Miles Morales is now taking the helm for the new Spider-Man game. The game will be called Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It will debut on PS5 holiday of this YEAR. Yes, we said it. This year, a new Spider-Man game will debut. Insomniac will once again helm the franchise. According to the leaks, it's not Spider-Man 2, so don't go crazy thinking this is the future. We will have MORE of Peter Parker at a later date according to the leaks on Twitter.

For my colleague, David, I believe this next game will thrill him as much as it's about to thrill me. I hardly play racing games, since the last one with a campaign mode, Ridge Racer R: Evolution. That to me, had a good campaign. Well, Sony just revealed Gran Turismo now has a more improved campaign more! Gran Turismo 7 looks amazing, but the verdict is still out until next year.

Ratchet and Clank are getting a holiday game release as well. We may even see a new movie, but for now, the game will do. Even though the game is cartoony in design, the animated designs look more sleek and a bit more real with the PS5. It's called Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, and it involves both characters being separated. The game is going to be inter-dimensional. The reason being is because the PS5 has new capabilities which allow for faster loading and bringing more full length planets to the game.

We had Square Enix brining a new project, Project Athia, to the front. The game reminded me of Magic the Gathering and Ikoria, the new set. Giant monsters, the power to control the Earth and nature, dragons-everything you'd want in a fantasy game.

We had an indy debut for a game titled "Stray". It's slated to launch in 2021. The game will feature a cat as a main protagonist and the humans were destroyed by machines. This followed up by the PS5 controller reveal itself.

According to developer Herman Hulst from Worldwide Studios, the PS5 will allow for longer gaming sessions, more story mode, and better storytelling. His story then followed up with a trailer for Returnal. This game also reminded us so much of what Control did. The main character in the game goes to sleep and each time she wakes up, the world is different. Monsters, space, and other events affect your character. Not much is known other than this.

Sackboy is back, and this time, there is more platforming involved, rather than side scrolling. Once again, we get to rampage around the new world. It seems to be bigger though, as it's titled Sackboy: A Big Adventure. The levels look more challenging, and much more work is done, rather than just sticking up stickers, moving from piece to piece by swinging and such. Sackboy has become a HUGE Playstation exclusive for many gamers. We'll have to wait to see how well it takes off this time around and what crazy, insane levels are developed.

Destruction All Stars is a new game introduced. It looks fun. We have a combination of a demolition derby, plus obstacles, and zany new mechanics where players get to run around a field as characters, attempting to destroy the vehicles without themselves getting destroyed. It promotes a reality style show, in an arena packed with a crowd. The characters reminded me of Overwatch.

Another Oddworld game is coming. Oddworld:SoulStorm looks good, and quite a change for the Oddworld series.We saw a few glimpses of it, and though we're not huge fans, the series has taken an amazing leap forward.

Ghostwire:Tokyo was shown to be quite an amazing game. The player, with the ability to shift between dimensions, does battle with the forces of the unknown. Headless school girls, slendermen, and other beings must be fought against the unravel the mystery in this version of Cyberpunk Tokyo. This game releases next year for PS5. It's being published by Bethesda.

We got more info on the fall release of Godfall, the PS5 exclusive that a lot of fans have been craving information on. Gameplay was shown, and it looks amazing. A hack and slash approach, you're given godlike armor, an armory of weapons, and a variety of enemies to kill. Your main goal is to kill the higher "god" enemies, which we assume will drop better weapons. There will be a PC release as well only on the Epic Games store.

If you liked Flower and Journey on Playstation, you may very well like our next game, Solar Ash. It seems to have the art style of Oni and Ori series from Xbox but with the feel of an arcade-y non realistic gameplay. There will be massive enemies promised by Heart Machine, the developer of this indy title.

So far, we have loved the focus on some of the indy titles being developed for PS5. The show continues to bring out some shocking games. Hitman III looks to be a final game in the series, although we've had games pretend to be finales, only to come out with sequels. The trailer only left hints of police going after Agent 47. Hakan Abrak said that this will be the finale of the world assassination trilogy and it will be the most dramatic one yet. Say goodbye to Agent 47. We should know more as this game is set to release in January 2021.

We're also getting a sequel to the Playstation Playground - Astro's Playground! At first glimpse, it looked like a new Sonic game had finally come. After the Sonic movie, we thought for sure there'd be a new game. But we're treated to an amazing, and hopefully couch co-op game, where we get to play as the Astrobots of PS fame. It's another cute platforming adventure, expected to delight fans of young and old.

Little Devil Inside is a Claymation style brawler and adventure game. The story looks a bit comedic. We had NBA2K21 thrill us with an actual in game shot of a player sweating. The graphics have truly improved. Let's see them top it with WWE, or even with MLB, having the bat splinter pieces of the wood off as it hits the ball at full force. This truly excites us for sports games.

Bugsnax debuted. Seems we become what we eat. It's created by the devs who gave us Octodad. All the foods on the island are bug-like, and when you eat them a part of your body transforms, making some tasks in game harder. Also, did we mention Demon's Souls is BACK? Good god. That game will not be touched by us with a 10-foot pole. Games to us should be enjoyed, not make us want to destroy the controllers.

We had Deathloop debut. Arkane's newest game published by Bethesda. It seems to mimic Dishonored. But the game that debuted right after is what has us excited! Resident Evil VII. The game teased us at first, by showing VILLAGE, but the letters quickly changed to VIIILAGE, which showed Resident Evil under it. The trailer promises the end of "his" story, and at the end, shows Christ Redfield turning bad? We also saw werewolves and what appeared to be a vampire castle, plus yet ANOTHER mansion. Did anyone also catch the Umbrella logo in the puzzle in game?

Pragmata was shown as a new sci-fi shooter debuting in 2022. We will get more coverage on that as soon as it breaks. But, the most anticipated game was shown at the end. With no release date in sight, all we have is footage in game. Horizon Zero Dawn fans, a sequel is happening! With the ending of the first Horizon Zero Dawn, we knew it was coming. But for Guerilla games, they kept silent until now. The new game takes place in the western states, near San Francisco, or what's left of that as well. Aloy has a new adventure, this time with another group taking control of the creatures for their own army. The game's official title is Horizon Forbidden West. Now we know the series is called Horizon and there may be multiple entries into the game.

We finished off with talk of the PS5, and then showing the two new models, one disc based and one all digital. No price was released, but we know for sure, we're aiming to get our hands on a PS5 this holiday season. It will be the first time we've ever bought a console on release date. We hope you enjoyed OUG's coverage of the PS5 reveal. Next up, Nintendo and Xbox's reveals! See you soon with more breaking news!

Brian Eckels