Farming Simulator 2019


I never understood the fascination with Farming Simulator, Goat Simulator and some of the other ones out there. But after having time on hands with Farming Simulator '19 , I now know what all of the fuss was about. This game is the first I've played, so I did my research on past games in this series for a better review.

With this game last released in 2016, this game has received an overhaul in graphics . The new trailer showed some of what was capable in this game. Farming Simulator feels very real to me. Of course, playing both PC and console version to see the major differences, one can easily play it on PC with a controller. The best part of this game is that they added horses which you can still ride, care for and enjoy alongside the other animals. If you've ever had the dreams of owning your own horse ranch, this would be the chance.

Along with this, now you have the capacity to own farms in European lands. The large maps, capacity to have more than one field type, and largest roster of vehicles makes this game a welcome addition. This year's sponsored brand is John Deere. If you're a countryman like me, you'll know that John Deere is one of the main and top companies for tractors and farming equipment. So, finally having them in there alongside Kuhn adds to the experience.

I can't say for sure how this compares to real farming, but it did give me the sense, for the first time that it truly takes a lot of commitment and hard work to keep a farm running. In the opinion of some, the career mode does need more added realism, such as caring for a family, dating aspects and such, like Harvest Moon, but in a more realistic way. This way, a partner can jump in as that character and help you get more work done. It's understandable though, that this might not be a great move.

The addition of mods again this year, now enhances the console experience. This will, however, not be coming to Switch. There was no word from the developers on why, but it is assumed that due to the Switch' hardware capacity, it wouldn't be able to handle the new graphics engine. Sorry, Nintendo fans, but you're still stuck with Farming Simulator Switch Edition.

It does have one downfall I've found. When you go into first person mode, all you see is the tractor inside. You don't see hands or anything. So, it's almost like you've gone invisible.

For those new to the series, the tutorial helps you get the basics down. It is highly recommended to play that first before the main career mode. Also, for those who have never played multiplayer, there is multiplayer farming, allowing friends to come over and help you tend to your farm. I highly recommend fans of farming, country, and animals to pick this game up and play it for the Holiday Season. I give this game a ⅘ stars.

Brian Eckels