Disgaea Complete


Disgaea, Disgaea, what can be said about you? This game series has been around since the Playstation 2 days, and has now spanned out to a total of 12 games, some of which were spin offs, and one which was a take on a visual novel. It all started with Afternoon of Darkness. This game then went on to be remade into a PSP version.

The game introduces the common fodder you will use in game called Prinnies. There penguins have pouches attached to themselves. These pouches are sewed into their skins, because they're actually bomb penguins. The reasoning behind this is punishment. Based on their crimes and misdeeds from past lives, after they died, they were forced to become low lived creatures called Prinnies. They serve Etna, a demon girl. She is the former Lord's vassal, and has taken it upon herself to try to overthrow the current Overlord, Laharl. Laharl is the son of the previous Overlord of the Netherworld. The Prinnies, in this case serve her.

There are loads of other characters as well, including one that reminded me of Starship Command and Buzz Lightyear. The comedy is on par with Japanese humor, and some of it can get a bit R-rated. This game is not for children, but then again, it does have an T rating on it.

For those that haven't played this game yet, Disgaea is a tactical RPG. The leveling system may take some getting used to as well. The reason behind this is that the maximum level is 9999. The final boss level is around the high 60's, but it's the post game story that will push you beyond your basic leveling. Due to the amount of content in this game, you are looking at around 200 hours or more of gameplay. It is definitely worth picking up.

Here's more information on gameplay. You can toss enemies and your own team members at other enemies and spaces to help them either reach higher altitude enemies, or to finish them off when they retreat with low health. Another thing that can be tossed are geocubes. These prisms change the battlefield based on where they are positioned and most of the time, you may need to destroy these first, as they give certain advantages to the enemies.

But, what makes this game a complete version? Why buy this version when there are several other versions out there? The only perks to this version is HD quality and an added scenario, Etna Mode, which has added characters and a newer story that was never released for this game when it was on PS2. Although it is being marketed as not appearing in the original release, they failed to mention it was in the re-released on DS and PSP.

Since this is the case, unless you need it on Switch or PS4, I recommend buying an earlier version. The other advantage though, to repurchasing it now would be to play it on the big screen. Yet, the price tag is a bit steep for a game that has been re-released multiple times, including PC. Definitely a thumbs down there for the price of $49.99 US/ $38.09 Pounds Sterling.

As much of a fan of the series I have been, I'm a bit sad to not see any new content in the game, or giving us the option of some better weapons. Seeing as how the game starts out slow, the best weapons and items don't come until later when you can take on the Counsel, and also vote for more things. (Yes, I did say vote, as there is a world in which Laharl and friends can go to ask for certain advantages.) In the case that they vote no, you can attack those who vote no to showcase your power as future Overlord.

Also, this game rewards you for the more you die and revive characters. The more money you spend to revive, and the more healing you ask for, the higher your chance for rare rewards. It's a bit twisted of a game design for that part, yet I still find the episodes quite hilarious nonetheless. I give this game a 4/5

Brian Eckels