Manticore: Galaxy on Fire


I thought I'd heard of this game and I was right, Manticore is from the developers that made the Galaxy on Fire games on mobile. Now I never played these games although I do remember them looking stunning on the mobile hardware. So as I've not played these older titles I'll be treating this as a stand alone game as I can't tell if any of the older games have made it into this release.

If you've never heard of the Galaxy on Fire series all you really need to understand is that the older games had an amazing game engine so it not only looked stunning but also ran very smooth with next to no frame rate issues. So how does this play on the Switch well like a lot of games coming over from mobile it still looks amazing but unlike a few other ports that might not have been fully optimised and are very glitchy with so much slow down that make you wonder why they tried the port to the little Switch. But with this the developers have pulled magic from the Switch as the game runs super smooth and a constant frame rate.

So this game has you piloting a space craft and while its a little twitchy to start with the very friendly auto targeting and this really helps with the experience, now what I mean by this is you can forget about trying to get perfect lock ons with the missiles or even standard fire. So you can concentrate more on the gameplay. So the game itself is all about space combat and it does this brilliantly well, you start off been shown the ropes with very simple escort these ships to here or destroy all the enemies to clear the level.

But soon you get involved in a sector wide event and your piloting skills bring you deeper into the fully fleshed out story, and here I must say the voice acting is done surprisingly well throughout with special mention to your ships AI. Soon you will be able to upgrade all the ships device slots so you can add things like EMP pulses and cloaking devices. Sometimes you might be best restarting a boss encounter if you selected the wrong add ons as you can be basically hitting your head against a wall but always possible to win.

The game has nine different crafts to pilot and as you would expect they all have different energy, shield, hull and missile ratings. With all primary and secondary weapons these can all be upgraded.

On with the campaign and here the story is split into three acts and these are long acts, you never know what is going to happen next within the story and this really makes you excited for what might happen next. I for one was gripped by the story but also how well the developers have managed to get everything to work on the little Switch.

I would easily recommend Manticore : Galaxy on Fire to anyone as it starts out very easy to control like a Star Fox game but soon adds much more in terms of controls and story. I really think this is one of the overall best games on the Switch at this time. Graphics, controls, story I mean what's not to like?

David Cameron