Ironsight is a free to play first person shooter for PC. The game is developed by Wiple Games Inc. and published by Gamigo, who are also responsible for publishing such games as Last Chaos and Fiesta Online. The game currently has its own launcher that you must download to play, but should be available on Steam in the foreseeable future.

Ironsight excels at delivering a simple multiplayer shooter that simulates triple A FPS titles. Gunfights are fast-paced with a low time to kill, and guns feel good to fire. Scorestreaks offer a multitude of ways to disrupt or kill your enemies, while keeping the game balanced (mostly). The best parts of Ironsight take all the aspects of a franchise like Call of Duty, and then makes them better. When looking at the current CoD community it easy to see that Activision and their various developers are not doing well with the franchise. There is constant toxicity that has spawned from the lower quality CoD titles that Ironsight lacks, this will no doubt bring back FPS fans to the days of Black Ops 2 when CoD was fun to play.

The graphics in Ironsight are what you would expect from a free to play FPS. They do their job. The one thing I noticed about Ironsight however is that it will play very well on lower end systems. It maintains a playable amount of frames while still looking passable.

The game seems to be balanced for the most part, however there is one gun type that isn't right. Snipers. Sniper rifles seem to outclass every other class of gun in the game. I recall facing a trio on a team that used strictly snipers and they destroyed us every engagement. There was no chance for mid to close range to compete. This is for one reason. They are a one shot to the body. Usually snipers in FPS games are two shot kills to the body and one hit to the head. This rewards players for their precision. In Ironsight it doesn't matter if your skilled or not, shoot them anywhere and they will die. To remedy this, Wiple Games would have to either nerf snipers to one headshot kills, or buff every guns time to kill.

As a free-to-play FPS, Ironsight has a heavy microtransaction presence. Pretty much everything other than guns have to be bought with premium currency, rather than the gold you can earn in game. While I wouldn't say that the game is pay to win, it could easily be considered "pay to have an advantage". This may turn away some players, for good reason, but it can be easily overlooked when actually playing the game.

While some elements of Ironsight reek of pay to win mechanics, Ironsight overall offers a great experience equal to that of Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops 2. Not to mention Ironsight is free to play on PC, making it much more affordable than triple A shooters.

Mitchell Partner