WWE 2K23: Review


This game was reviewed on Playstation 4.

Reviewed by: Ke'Juan Valentine

Growing up, sports and sports games never really piqued my interest. My friends and family members were always into it, but I remained aloof from the thrill of competition. Wrestling, however, was an exception. It was something I followed during my high school years but eventually lost touch with when I went to college. Fast forward to my graduation year in 2022, and the allure of WWE unexpectedly rekindled. This resurgence of interest coincided with the release of WWE 2K23, and despite my general lack of enthusiasm for sports games, my friends and cousins managed to persuade me to play with them. Surprisingly, I had a blast. That is when I decided I would purchase the game for myself and explore all of it in detail.

WWE 2K23, published by 2K and developed by Visual Concepts, once again enters the ring to deliver a thrilling experience for fans of professional wrestling. This iteration is touted as "Even Stronger," and it's not just an empty slogan.

The resemblance of the in-game characters to their real-life counterparts is astonishing. It's clear that the development team has poured in significant effort to make the wrestlers appear as realistic as possible. From facial expressions to body movements, everything is crafted with care and precision.

2K23 offers a dynamic auditory experience. From the roar of the crowd to the wrestlers' theme songs, everything contributes to the immersive environment of a live WWE event. The addition of contemporary hits by artists like Doja Cat, Post Malone, and the Weeknd adds a modern flair to the game.

The control scheme in WWE 2K23 is extensive, providing players with a wide array of options to grapple, run, and perform combos. Though it may feel overwhelming at first, the tutorial does an exceptional job of guiding players through all the intricacies, enabling anyone to tap into their inner WWE Superstar.

The gameplay is where WWE 2K23 truly shines. The array of game modes is nothing short of impressive. Whether you want to face off against friends in a WarGames match or carve out a unique storyline in "MyRise" mode, the game offers something for every type of wrestling fan. "MyGM" allows you to step into the shoes of a General Manager, creating an engaging and strategic experience. "MyFaction" offers a collectible card game twist that brings a fresh perspective to the series. "Universe" mode is a dream come true for WWE fans who want to rewrite history and create their own unique wrestling world. The "2K Showcase" focusing on John Cena's 20-year career is not only a tribute to the legend but a fascinating interactive documentary that adds depth and context to his achievements.

Additionally, the custom content available, from characters and arenas to belts and matches, adds layers of personalization, allowing you to truly make the WWE universe your own. However, despite its many strengths, the game is not without its shortcomings. The vast array of controls might feel too complex for casual players, even with tutorials. Some minor glitches and graphical inconsistencies can momentarily disrupt the immersion. Yet these are minor gripes in an otherwise outstanding title.

In conclusion, I would rate the game, WWE 2K23, an 8 out of 10. WWE 2K23 delivers on its promise to be "Even Stronger." It presents a rich, comprehensive, and deeply engaging wrestling experience that appeals to both hardcore enthusiasts and newcomers alike. It's a must-have for anyone who's ever dreamed of stepping into the ring and hearing the crowd chant their name. The experience was surprising and invigorating. What I initially approached with skepticism soon turned into a source of great enjoyment, immersing me in a world of wrestling that I had almost forgotten. This game made it become easier for me to connect with my friends over something that I thought I would never enjoy, and I'm glad I found out about it.

Reviewed by: Ke'Juan Valentine