Xbox Series X: Should You Pre-Order?

In the midst of the Coronavirus, Microsoft is still going to go forward with their planned launch of the new Xbox Series X. Despite warnings that some games will be delayed until 2020, many Xbox loyalists are still gung-ho about buying a new system. The following article will break down news, as well as specs, and what we know about the Xbox Series X BEFORE you buy one.

First off, we know that both Sony and Microsoft, though stating they want to be energy efficient, have not been able to pull this off with the newer systems hitting the market. While Sony's PS5 doesn't currently have its energy output available, Digitial Foundry has been speculating on Xbox Series X, believing it will clock in around 300W! That's not including any launch options, unlike Playstation 5 has announced. For such a small rectangular box, that's saying a lot. If you're a climate changer, this may not be the console for you.

Let's not get into debates about this, however. The main focus should be the specs of the system itself, as well as price and If you didn't catch our article comparing the specs, you should read that here:

(PS5 vs Xbox Series X).

However, when it comes to gaming, here's what you also need to know. While the size of the system is not as small as the previous generations, Microsoft has designed it to be more akin to a smaller desktop pc from previous generations of PCs. However, the controller design seems similar to modern Xboxes. Don't let it fool you, however, as the new controller triggers are much smaller, complete with grips, and the new D-Pad is closer to current Elite controllers, designed for much more flexibility and ranging of motions.

The controller grips however, remind me of the Fat controllers from when Xbox first introduced itself to the world. But, rumble triggers return, as do a lot of your current accessories! You are now able to use an Xbox One Headset, older controllers on the new system, and newer controllers for the Series X ON YOUR older Xbox One! That's definitely a money saver!

For those of you who already bought a 4K Tv for current gen, there's no need to truly upgrade as the new Series X will provide for you the ability to play it at 60 FPS. The newer 8K will play at 120 FPS, nearly double the amount of frames and not being on a 12K (which may or may not exist yet- but we can deal with 8K).

And onto the important part-games. At launch, Halo Infinite will launch along side both the Series X and the current Xbox One lineup. Dirt 5 will launch for fans of racing games, and Assassin's Creed Valhalla, another prequel game in the series will launch along side both systems as well. Currently, the only title that will be console exclusives will be both Halo and Dirt 5. Other than that, there won't be many titles at launch, so you're better off waiting, or pre-ordering the system online and holding onto it until games fully launch. We know there will be some who pre-order just to sell it for higher prices on eBay, so please don't buy into them. Buy the system directly from Microsoft's store if you truly want to buy one.

We expect a slow start for both Sony and Microsoft due to this year's pandemic. Please be cautious, stay tuned to our site for more, and if you haven't already, please subscribe to the podcast where David and Brian will be covering the Series X and Sony PS5 into the next generation of gaming.

Brian Eckels