Youtubers Life 2


This game was reviewed on Xbox One.

I guess with all the hype of been a youtuber or influencer and with the runaway success of recent games like Nintendo's Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch and the mega blockbuster series like the Sims then you will get so many me too copycat style games.

So, this brings me to this game Youtubers Life 2 and while Nintendo struck gold with Animal Crossing, but they have had maybe 5 or 6 games in the series to make incremental upgrades to how the game plays. While Youtubers Life 2 sort of reminds me of a free to play mobile game.

Anyway, let's have a look at the game and you start by creating your own avatar, but this is very limited with how you can edit the look of your avatar, it's the normal set of options like male or female, hair style, facial hair, glasses, then a basic assortment of facial features that you can move around. You also select the outfit you will start the game with.

So, you want to be the best youtuber, so you get invited to move to a town that is full of influencers that you have to make friends with and compete against. You get a choice of 3 apartments to move into each has a few differences like living more in the suburbs or living near a gaming hub. The first few tasks are simple affairs just following the map the local game shop to collect a game console and game to start some streaming, you also have to set up some accounts on some social platforms to increase your social presence.

You do some blogs and have to edit these and upload them on your channel, but this is where my interest really started to wain as I know you can't do a full video editor and make this "fun" for the kids but what you have here is just clicking on squares and adding a name to the video and that's about it.

The graphics are and I'll be kind just not very good they are very cartoony in style and colour but just don't have the detail needed for a full-blown console game in 2021! It really does look like this game would be at home all the way back in 2001 on the GameCube but unfortunately this game is releasing 20 years later!

I'm not going to lie here the basic gameplay loop is fun but it's fun like a free to play mobile game and I just feel like the developers and publishers are just trying to cash in on firstly Animal Crossing and secondly the popularity of youtubers and influencers and hoping that some 8-15-year-olds see this and beg their unsuspecting parents for this game.

So, in summing up this game what we have is a game that I don't think looks good enough, has gameplay that's engrossing to keep you going through the story of the game. But if you like the Sims or Animal crossing then you might find something to enjoy here. I myself can see some younger people getting something from this but I would say if you are over 14 or so then you are best with either of the Sims or Animal Crossing.

David Cameron