(Note: Only the main bosses will be featured here. As I have not played the Shura ending, the main bosses associated with it aren't mentioned. Also, there will be spoilers.)

July had a lineup of gaming showcases that were meant to be built upon each other. We had Playstation do their own event in June, but did Microsoft wow enough people to sell the new Xbox Series X? While having an event also previously in June, Microsoft decided to have a special event dedicated only to it's Microsoft Studios, instead...

The PS5 Live!


Another bonus is GTA V owners on PS4 get $1mil in free cash every month up until launch of the PS5 edition. This will make my experience a lot better now that I have more incoming money. There is no known date in 2021 for the launch, but until then, that's good enough for me.

First off, we know that both Sony and Microsoft, though stating they want to be energy efficient, have not been able to pull this off with the newer systems hitting the market. While Sony's PS5 doesn't currently have its energy output available, Digitial Foundry has been speculating on Xbox Series X, believing it will clock in around 300W! That's...