I received an early copy of The Conjuring House to play and review. Having said that, I have to first introduce my love for horror games. My wife is constantly trying to get me to play them, especially around October. So, receiving this game with no prior knowledge of it truly was a sight to behold. This game will scare...



I was provided a copy of this game by One Up Gaming team to review, and when I first installed it, the music of the game had me excited, as did the opening screen.Lately, I've been a retro gamer, and have focused on older games like Castlevania and Mario. But, how does Robbotto stack up against classic platformers?



Ironsight is a free to play first person shooter for PC. The game is developed by Wiple Games Inc. and published by Gamigo, who are also responsible for publishing such games as Last Chaos and Fiesta Online. The game currently has its own launcher that you must download to play, but should be available on Steam in the foreseeable future....