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Cocaine Dealer


This game is criminally underrated, and you'll see what I did there in a second. Cocaine Dealer is a game on Steam, and it's about selling Dope. You are in charge of managing employees, procuring cocaine in bulk to cut and sell, keeping an eye out for police presence, and paying back the debts you owe. On the surface, this...

Hidden Deep


The recent years have probably been the golden years of indie gaming. A time when developers the world over started popping up in a bid to showcase their creative talents. Some to their acclaim. Others, less so, or worse. One to join the rank of these aspiring creatives is the one-person team, Cogwheel Software, behind the developing title, Hidden...

Gravity Runner


Here we have an endless runner style game but an awesome looking retro inspired 3D platform game. The aim is very simple and that's just run through the level for as long as you can, moving from floating platform to floating platform avoiding falling spheres and cubes that get in the way of your character movements.



Young boy Victor has ventured down into the family basement he has to fight monsters by using other monsters in jars. If you haven't guessed by now this is a puzzle tower defence game that is by Daedelic Entertainment, the aim of the game is to break every jar while also protecting chests from what maybe released from said jars....



Encased released on September 7, 2021 for Windows, Mac and Linux and will be available on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store. For those who don't know what Encased is, it's a game by Dark Crystal Games. It has a variety of ways to play through it and a number of different endings to it. With all that said, is it any good or not?...



With the release of Super Bomberman R Online in May of this year, the revival of Bomberman has been boosting in popularity. Many games have used the same formula as Bomberman and created many iterations of the concept. But have you ever played a Bomberman with chess pieces?

When you were a child, and people asked you what you wanted to be, many of you would have said firefighter or police officer. Fire Commander gives you the chance to manage your own Fire team. It will be released on the Steam Storefront at some point in the future. It is being developed by Atomic Wolf and Pixel Crow....

According to the Steam page for this game, "The Magnificent Trufflepigs is a first-person, metal-detecting narrative game. It combines laid-back detecting and exploration with a dramatic story, all set in a beautiful English countryside. It's a game about trying to find something."

Bum Simulator


Bum Simulator is a Steam title currently in beta that's planned for Early Access on August 26th. (it may even be on Early Access by the time of publication.) I was fortunate to get a review code for the game, courtesy of David Cameron of OneIpGaming UK. Also, special thanks to Ragged Games, and PlayWay S.A.for providing David Cameron with...