Dyna Bomb


The Oxford Dictionary defifines a video game as "a computer-based game involving a singleplayer or any number of players. What is considered to be a video game covers a broad spectrum ranging from simple games played on mobile phones to vast and persistent online virtual worlds". So, by defifinition Dyna Bomb is most certainly a video game. It has...

I have always enjoyed a good Supercross game and well Milestone are an amazing developer so this should be gold...... or at lease bronze? Well let's see what the Milestone have been doing with the Monster Energy Supercross 5 game. I mean how bad can this be?

From a developer and publisher that I've never heard of; comes a 'Mostly-positive' reviewed game on steam; Smart Factory Tycoon. Unlike, seemingly the entire, genre that the game is in; Smart Factory Tycoon did not launch into early access but rather it leapt into full release. Though, somewhat deceptively, the game remains in development and is...

When your company's logo looks like it has been lifted from a third-rate condom manufacturer you should start to question your creative choices, yet no such examination seems to have occurred within the offices of H Room, hence their ugly little contribution to the videogame space with Plunderer's Adventure.