Gato Roboto


Scrolling through all the games on the Xbox Game Pass page one game caught my eye. It wasn't a brightly colored image like the others, but a black and white drawing showing flying robots, frogs, crocodiles, and a cat. Though this is not just any normal cat, it's a cat in a mech suit.

Off the starting grid, there was a time where racing arcade saw there prime. Throughout the 80s and early 90s. Out Run, Rush and Road Rash were among the titles I enjoyed the most growing up. A game came to my attention over a year ago, by the name of Horizon Chase Turbo. I'd found it on the Nintendo Eshop via the Switch....

Chess Ultra


The game of kings is available on the Nintendo Switch in the form of Chess Ultra. An aptly named title, as it is among the most comprehensive packages the illustrious game on a console. From beginner to veteran, what's on offer here will apply to the whole spectrum. Do not fear about being a novice, Chess Ultra has got you...

When it comes to Fledgling Heroes, you have to be smart in order to outsmart the Pirate
Lizards. The world is fraught with dangers, such as flying fish, stalagmites and other rocky
formations. You also have to be able to collect the golden feathers, whilst freeing your feathery
friends from cages.

Basing a sandbox game with one of the most recognisable toys on the globe goes hand in hand. Lego City Undercover is essentially a child equivalent to the GTA series. Developed by TT Fusion. The adventure begins with the protagonist, Detective Chase McCain, who returns to Lego City on a mission to capture an old villain. After he learns that...

Sega has copious intellectual properties that boast praise that still reverberate among video game enthusiasts to this very day. For two and a half decades, the Streets of Rage series has been dormant. By joint collaboration Dotemu, Lizard Cube and Guard Crush games, a fourth instalment finally arrived on April 30th this year. Available on...

MotoGP 2020


I will never forget my time with the Xbox online starter kit that had the little headphones for online chat and what I must say was the best example of a great online game from little British developers Climax and that was MotoGP as a whole. The handling, the speed and feeling of that game was head and shoulders better...

First released in November 2011, Skyrim has proven an outstanding success for Bethesda. This western RPG took the gaming world by storm, resulting in copious amounts of ports and chasing up to the likes of Resident Evil 4 when it comes the longevity of consumer appeal.

Starting out, and fair warning, let's state the obvious here and say that Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 3 will be referred to as Supercross 3. I respect my keyboard too much. On to the review.

Disgaea, Disgaea, what can be said about you? This game series has been around since the Playstation 2 days, and has now spanned out to a total of 12 games, some of which were spin offs, and one which was a take on a visual novel. It all started with Afternoon of Darkness. This game then went on to be remade into a PSP version....