HUNT: Showdown


Well, I'll be honest right off the bat here I had not heard of this game until I got a nice email from someone at Crytek asking if we would like to try their new game. I mean after all that had gone on over the last few years Id honestly thought Crytek was just a shadow of itself but...

Starting out, and fair warning, let's state the obvious here and say that Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 3 will be referred to as Supercross 3. I respect my keyboard too much. On to the review.

Raging Justice


Now some of my all time favourite games are Final Fight by Capcom and Streets of Rage from Sega, and over the last few years the scrolling beat em up has been very slim indeed but hopefully Raging Justice from MakinGames lives up to its stellar looks and style.

I know that we as a reviews website were late to the party with this whole VR thing, but now we have a PSVR headset and can get motion sickness by sitting still any time we want. Anyway best talk about the game, so Battlezone was one of the first games released for the PSVR launch a few years ago...

Well as you can see from the title of this review it took all of 2 hours to write that, but on a more serious note think I'll just be sticking with Supercross moving forward. So what do you need to know about this game you might ask. Well I must admit that I've not enjoyed any Supercross or Moto cross game since maybe the N64 game Excitebike 64....