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Sisters Royale


Well, where to start with this one? I do love a good bullet hell game, but this one sure takes the biscuit. With its total and somewhat, crazy story, what could be said to give it justice? What we basically have is a tale of five sisters that have unique powers. Together they could help save the world, but as...

The start of a new generation is always a dangerous one for games companies. Even if you dominated previously you have to begin with a blank slate and build up everything, except your reputation, from zero. Or at least that's how it used to work. In this coming generation both Microsoft and Sony are promising full backwards compatibility, which...

The thing about Star Wars video game rumours is that you not only have the usual games industry leakers pitching in, but also movie sources that don't usually deal with games; especially since Lucasfilm insist on all their Star Wars media being officially canon.

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