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Well, this just plays like the older HB Studios golf games The Golf Club, but they have made some smart changes. Mainly to do with the difficulty as the devs have simplified how the game runs and plays to open it up to a wider audience.

Well, I can see what the developers were going for here but I feel that the old very sim-style mech game is out. Everyone wants fast-paced action, not this slow cumbersome game.

I loved what Sega has done with this series, took what they had with Shenmue, and just went crazy!

(Note: Only the main bosses will be featured here. As I have not played the Shura ending, the main bosses associated with it aren't mentioned. Also, there will be spoilers.)

The original Mafia game on XBOX and PS2 held a place in many gamers' hearts. The appeal of the story, the ability to drive a car freely like in GTA, and the action of the gameplay. So why did this beloved sequel deserve a remaster? Developer Hanger 13 believed that because the gameplay was so dated, it deserved more than...

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