This game was reviewed on Xbox Series S.



OCG: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls...

I am thee Obsessive Compulsive Gamer joined once again by my faithful manservant/factotum Bertrum. Say hello, Bertrum

Bertrum: Hello, Bertrum!

OCG: And this is my review for EVERREACH: PROJECT EDEN

EVERREACH: PROJECT EDEN was released in 2019. A year I remember fondly as the year I used a shrink ray on a midget for the first time

Bertrum: So you essentially created a midget midget?

OCG: Exactly, Bertrum. So what the Hell is EVERREACH: PROJECT EDEN? I am so glad you asked, dear viewer

Bertrum: I didn't hear anything

OCG: Shut up, Bertrum! This game is essentially MASS EFFECT if it was made on a budget of £7.50. Actually, I'm being very unfair to the game. It was probably more like a budget of £9.00

So, story. You essentially crash land somewhere and have to carry out dull missions for your rescuers

Bertrum: Are they like THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER?

OCG: No. They're not Australian

Bertrum: Oh

OCG: Though I do appreciate the Disney reference, Bertrum

Bertrum: Disney reference?

OCG: Nevermind. So, gameplay. Rather like MASS EFFECT, PROJECT EDEN is a basic 3rd person shooter with RPG elements. In a nutshell that means you'll spend most of your time shooting enemies and upgrading your characters skills, abilities etc. Sadly though this being a £9 version of MASS EFFECT as you can imagine the voice acting is abysmal. Actually, I'm being very unfair to the game. The voice acting is dreadful, not abysmal and unlike MASS EFFECT, EVERREACH PROJECT EDEN has a distinct lack of sex scenes

Bertrum: Are sex scenes important in a videogame?

OCG: I'm going to forget you just said that, Bertrum. Get me a coffee

Bertrum: But we don't have any coffee

OCG: Fine. Then get me a gin and tonic

Bertrum: But we don't have any gin or tonic

OCG: Blast! Then what the Hell do we have?

Bertrum: Ummm...We have this funny liquid that comes out of the tap

OCG: Do you mean water?

Bertrum: Yes. That

OCG: Then get me a glass of water

Bertrum: We don't have any glasses

OCG: Blast! Then just put it in a bowl

Bertrum: Ummm...

OCG: Let me guess, we haven't got any bowls?

Bertrum: Yes. How did you know?

OCG: Call it a lucky guess

So, what did I think of EVERREACH: PROJECT EDEN? In a word: It is bloody dreadful

Bertrum: That's four words

OCG: Shut up, Bertrum! Not only is the voice acting bollocks but your character controls like utter arse. Oh, and whatever you do, make sure you don't die in this game. The loading screens are so unbearably long that I had time to make a bloody sandwhich everytime I died. And you'll die a lot because even on easy mode your character is more fragile than a family of balloons at a nail bomb party

Bertrum: You had a sandwhich and didn't make me one

OCG: You know very well, Bertrum that you only get fed on Monday's, Thursday's and on special occassions

Bertrum: Oh yeah!

OCG: So, in conclusion. EVERREACH: PROJECT EDEN is a complete waste of time and the £9 that was spent to make this game would have been better served being paid into my bank account

Bertrum: And what would you have bought with your £9?

OCG: An imported box of Coco Pops from the United States Of America

Bertrum: I see

OCG: Therefore I am going to give EVERREACH: PROJECT EDEN a 2 out of 5