Myth of Empires


A Twitching Corpse

Written by: Jack Phillips

A game of thrones built upon a house of cards, with a platinum chip in the middle and in other words; it was rigged from the start. 

A corpse of a game that continues to embarrass itself frequently and without much care for the scene that it is making. The game launched with nothing short of the highest expectations from gamers, with many touting it to be a hybrid between Bannerlord and an MMO. A game where there would be epic battles, large sieges, PvP and PvE, with endless content and a constant fight across multiple servers where people could contribute and help influence the world around them. What gamers, and current players are left with, is a shell of a game that features little more than a Chinese mega-alliance lauding over their Empire from a throne of spaghetti code. 

There is little point talking about what could've been with the game, for the possibilities were endless, and instead we are better served talking about the abomination that the game currently is. With a dwindling player base in the EU, NA and with the majority of the active players, the game needs to take an abrupt turn and reconsider a fair few design choices and to consider how they can encourage growth within their playerbase outside of China. Sadly the company seems more intent on peddling microtransactions, based within a premium currency, and trying to reward players for engaging with 'seasonal' content. 

This content is launching on the 14th of April; it is hard to speculate on player involvement but personal observations have suggested that members of the large EU and NA alliances will not be partaking in it. Most are burnt out, tired, exhausted and unwilling to continue to spend time on a game that they do not see as having a future due to the current state of the 'global servers'. The global servers constitute the main body of the game, where the action is supposed to primarily occur, yet all the regions within the global servers are entirely occupied by one of two clans that are a part of the same mega-alliance that originates from China. 

Many members of the EU-NA alliance have suspected that the sheer weight of numbers was not the only advantage, but the fact that the alliance is apparently guilty of exploits; more than a few exploits and duplications still exist in the game and an unnamed source from one of the popular RU clans has informed me that many of these have yet to be patched out and it is entirely possible to duplicate EXP to max out all stats within barely a couple of days.

Myth of Empires sits at a crossroads, yet it seems determined to continue to traverse down a path that would not afford it a healthy playerbase. As the death rattle continues, we can only watch as it tries to claw itself back to standing up once more. 

As it stands the game is nothing more than proof that full-loot PvP requires servers to be region locked and separated to ensure that conflict remains focused and cohesive, and that it is possible to avoid being swept aside by a mega-alliance. Lost Oasis learnt how damaging mega-alliances can be; we can only hope that Myth of Empires does the same.

Do not buy Myth of Empires.

Written by: Jack Phillips